Tuesday, October 6, 2009

cluster stamping background paper.

Here's a fun way to make your own custom paper for stamping and scrapping projects. Let me show you how!

For this project, I used Vanilla Cream cardstock and the following inks: creme brulee, bamboo, and chocolate

Start by opening creme brulee, or your lightest color.

Now start making large swirling motions with light to medium pressure across the paper until desired intensity is achieved

Now just repeat the process with bamboo, or your next darkest ink. This ends up looking like parchment or leather.

To make the cluster, simply place images on block, starting with the largest and working it around until it makes you happy!

Time for the darkest color now to stamp the image...

Begin stamping in the corner. Rotate the paper and the stamp until the whole paper is filled

The entire paper is done... remember to stamp off the edge so the pattern apprears to go on forever, like my love for my own pirate, Dane!

Here's the finished product with my paper... love it!

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