Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Trying out Windows Live Writer

A very amazing and talented mentor, Tresa Black, the stamp goddess, is hosting an event to assist her minions in improving their blogs, so to honor her awesomeness, I’m giving this a try. I promise those of you who take the time to peak at my blog now and then to try and make it better. Those of you who know me and my insane schedule know this is a huge task, but also very important to me. I LOVE CTMH, and want to show that through my artwork and postings so I can share my passion. Bear with me as I live and learn.


If you are still interested in making some awesome artwork for Halloween, let me know. This workshop is very portable, so give me a call and we’ll figure our a time that works for you. 208-629-9762

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  1. Cool! I haven't tried windows live yet but I downloaded it.