Wednesday, November 2, 2011

H2H Color Challenge… Autumn Terracotta, Juniper, Bamboo


Ah the joys of working night shift… Sat down for a minute on Monday… woke up very late for Erinn’s doctor appointment (which got rescheduled) having slept through my reminders, several frantic text messages and phone calls. *insert shame face here* I took Dr. Lewis a plate of cookies and a card of apology. He is one of my favorite people on earth right now because of the wonderful care he has given Erinn (and her worried parents) over the past few months and I was mortified that I missed the appointment. He and his staff were very understanding, thank goodness!


  1. Very pretty card! Don't be so hard on yourself, now. Everybody has days. I'm glad you have such a great doctor! :-)

  2. Very nice card. Really like the different shapes used and how the colors complement each other.

  3. Very nice card! This is one of my favorite stamp sets :)