Wednesday, January 9, 2013

01/09/13 What a great morning

We had a great morning at our house. This may be routine for most of you, but it’s been a real struggle this year to get up and off to school at our house. We are working on the issues diligently, so a good morning is a real treat and a blessing. I’m so grateful for all the the wonderful people we have helping us!!! And we were greeted with a gorgeous sunrise with lots of pinks and corals against the clouds. Not the best pic with my phone, but you get the idea…

So far, we’ve enjoyed the turkey chili from freezer cooking day and yesterday was the hamburger soup bubbling in the crock pot all day. It turned out even better than the first batch, and was such a blessing to have when we finally were able to have dinner after a very long day where our morning did not go well.

Remember the cut celery? You know I had to try it out for stamping. Here it is in  the middle of the paper I made with it! Perhaps today I can make something with the paper… I have plenty of chores to do, but my soul yearns for some good craft time. Now to decide what to make first!

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